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Crazy Kang!

It’s a crazy time… You would think that it would be slow this time of the year for us. NOT!!! Even though we are only playing three or four shows a week, we are in the studio right now recording our 2nd King Tyrone album after a 5 year sabbatical from the debut release.  This project will prove to be my most innovative a creative thus far.  I pray it’s not going to be too over the top and will be widely accepted, otherwise I may just eat too much Skinny Cow icecream while watching afternoon talk shows and spending all my doe on BOGO specials at the Rack Room.  Don’t let me become that person, lie too me if you must!  We are also planning a few more escapades with Umbrella Events.  After a great New Year Party, Joey and I are hosting our inaugural “Frozen Beach Ball” on January 26th near Wallace at the Mad Boar.  Get tickets in advance for only 10 bucks.  Check out the details at

While your there, look into our musical adventure to Key West in October.  You NEED to sign up as soon as you can (today if possible). The first one hundred of only 200 people will be getting some extras.  Call Nancy NOW for details and it only takes $250 to reserve your spot: (770)881-7300

This Thursday we will be at Broad Street Bar & Grill in Southern Pines, NC around 8PM.  Friday, we kick things off at Mid-Winter SOS at Fat Harold’s on Main in Ocean Drive at 1pm in the afternoon.  Saturday we hit the south side of Myrtle Beach.  Join us at The Marlin in Garden City at 8pm. Finally, stay tuned as we are wor


King To Da Scene

Hey Crazies,

     Trying to get better about contact with my peeps.  Last post was april of last year… brought to my attention by BO the Web Guy. I been a bad bad boy. So, let’s get’r rippin’ again.  Want you to know, we have new stuff coming your way. N’guess what? It’s all goonna be made in the US of A!!! Organic 100% cotton made in America Tshirts with water based color (All New LOGO designed by our very oen talented Casey Meyer).  Recycled from tractor tires Koozies with new sen on logo patches are coming and new hats too, and wallets and soooo much more.  Also, we got a brand new KING TYRONE & The Graveyard Ramblers CD is on the way this Fall.  A new fan club is in the works for KT too… “The Graveyard Diggers”. Ha!  For all who have been a part of and the elite BOTC (Brethren Of The Coast).  We still have more for you and look forward to another great year with ya.  Meanwhile, keep on checkin me out every Tuesday at 2pm at it’s my fairly new radio show the Crossover.

So now you guys can vote for your favorite songs on a weekly chart.  The people’s opinion COUNTS. Go to and vote for “All That Matters To Me”- Jim Quick

Finally, before the cutoff date this Friday, don’t forget to go to and join the Beach Music Academy so you can nominate and vote for your favs this year 😉

Blog to ya soon… Promise,

Jim Q

Diet Sun-Drop and “All You Can Eat” Chinese Buffets

Well, they are steadily working on our first DVD recorded last month at Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse in Durham, NC… Meanwhile, we are gearing up for recording our first “Music Video” for our debut national release from Sony/Red Music.  That’s right, my fat-ass is gonna jump around like a blue-crab in a steam-pot for eternal posterity.  So, I planned on losing weight months ago, knowing all this was coming.  Well, I love Diet Sun-drop. That’s a plus right? Hell no, if you drink a Sam’s Wholesale pallet of ’em daily it’s not!  I would fall in love with the “ONLY” diet soda that is “NOT” calorie free.  I wanted to get back into my 32 waist jeans, so I decided on a brisk walk this morning around the Lake Norman Area.  I made it a block and ran into smack dab into a local Chinese buffet.  Cantonese Chicken anyone? Count me in!  Therefore, I will be wearing my old 501 button-fly Levi’s tonight at Amos’.  “Suck it in Quick! OK, ACTION!”

 I wanna send a shout out to WDNB, Thunder 102, in New York for being the first to start playing “Down South” above the Mason-Dixon line.  I guess they do have “Beach Boys” fans in Kansas.  Somebody in Chicago loves to rock out to “Boston” and somebody in Boston loves to groove on “Chicago”.  Ain’t Kid Rock from Michigan? ” He’s singing’Sweet Home Alabama’.”  Nontheless, we got to give props to my home state boys up in Nags Head and Kitty Hawk.  Thank you WRFS, Dixie 105.7.  Let’s do this thang y’all…It’s on!

Working on new website

Today I am working on my new website Be sure to sign up for email updates and stay on top of everything going on the road.

Jim Quick