Diet Sun-Drop and “All You Can Eat” Chinese Buffets

Well, they are steadily working on our first DVD recorded last month at Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse in Durham, NC… Meanwhile, we are gearing up for recording our first “Music Video” for our debut national release from Sony/Red Music.  That’s right, my fat-ass is gonna jump around like a blue-crab in a steam-pot for eternal posterity.  So, I planned on losing weight months ago, knowing all this was coming.  Well, I love Diet Sun-drop. That’s a plus right? Hell no, if you drink a Sam’s Wholesale pallet of ’em daily it’s not!  I would fall in love with the “ONLY” diet soda that is “NOT” calorie free.  I wanted to get back into my 32 waist jeans, so I decided on a brisk walk this morning around the Lake Norman Area.  I made it a block and ran into smack dab into a local Chinese buffet.  Cantonese Chicken anyone? Count me in!  Therefore, I will be wearing my old 501 button-fly Levi’s tonight at Amos’.  “Suck it in Quick! OK, ACTION!”

 I wanna send a shout out to WDNB, Thunder 102, in New York for being the first to start playing “Down South” above the Mason-Dixon line.  I guess they do have “Beach Boys” fans in Kansas.  Somebody in Chicago loves to rock out to “Boston” and somebody in Boston loves to groove on “Chicago”.  Ain’t Kid Rock from Michigan? ” He’s singing’Sweet Home Alabama’.”  Nontheless, we got to give props to my home state boys up in Nags Head and Kitty Hawk.  Thank you WRFS, Dixie 105.7.  Let’s do this thang y’all…It’s on!


  1. jim quick and all the coastline the crazy powerlineman that sometimes gets up on stage with yall that bused to play in a small beach band in winston salem nc long time ago.i got the high and tite mohawk lol. got on stage with ya guys last year at the mt pilot cruz in. yup yup thats me.hey love all you guys and proud of you all.makes me proud to be from the south and YES I DO LOVE ME SOME CHINEESE FOO LOL.ANY WAY ILL BE THE BIG KAHUNA BIG 50 AUG 14TH YEA MAN ANY WHO HOW BLESS ALL OF YOU AND MAY THE GOOD LORD BE WITH YOU GUYS ON THE ROAD. JIM ROBINSON POWER TO THE PEOPLE………………………………………………………………………………….BUZZZZZZZZ. LOL

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