In Tune Review

South” (iSuwanee)
✰✰✰✰ — A fixture
on the Southern music
scene — complete with
devoted concertgoers
dubbed the Coastline
Crazies — native North
Carolinian Jim Quick should expand his
audience with the release of his fantastic
“Down South” debut. With everything
from country and Delta blues to Southern
rock and Muscle Shoals soul, there’s
something for everyone on this 14-track
“Livin’ on Love” gets the record off to
a high-energy start, and Quick rolls out
a series of memorable tunes in the soul-
ful “Stronger Than You Need to Be,”
the anthemic title track, “I’m a Dog,”
“Strongest Weakness” and “Don’t Shoot
the Snake.” An enjoyable platter from
beginning to end. (JS)

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